Curriculum – 5th Grade


Young people who participate in Project REACH will:
– Understand basic human sexuality and reproduction.
– Develop more mature decision-making and problem-solving skills.
– Improve their self-esteem and sense of worth to better withstand negative peer pressure.
– Achieve better communication with parents regarding their sexuality.
– Develop positive attitudes about family life, marriage, and parenting.

Day 1:
– Introduction of program, self, rules
– What’s said in this room – stays in this room, EXCEPT for discussion with parents (which is encouraged)
– Define puberty; pituitary gland
– Changes for male and female might be the same or different
– Auxiliary hair
– Body odor (anti-perspirant)
– Waist changes (larger or smaller)
– Hip changes
– Coordination explained
– Chest changes
– Focus on the INNER qualities not the outer
– Pubic hair
– Emotional changes AKA mood swings
– Homework: Ask a parent or another trusted adult – “Why do I have to go through puberty?”
Day 2:
– Review Homework
– Nocturnal emissions explained
– Menstruation explained
– Emphasis on the privacy of these gifts
– When is the best time to have a baby? Why?
– Having a baby vs. being a parent – What do you need to be a good parent?
– Why does puberty take so long?
– If time allows, explain sexual intercourse
Day 3:
– Explain sexual intercourse, if not done previously
– Show Time-Life photos of fetal development
– Questions
– REMEMBER: This is a gift… not as illustrated on TV, in music, or movies
– Christmas gift illustration
Day 4: (Optional)
– Cell phone/computer safety

-When can sex be a crime>