Curriculum – F.A.Q.

As parents, we believe information concerning sexuality should be taught within the home – why is it being taught in school?
The staff of RSVP is not trained to replace information that only a parent can relay. They are trained to reinforce a message that (hopefully) the parent has already given.
Today’s youth are bombarded with mixed messages about sexuality; our hope is that this program reinforces the gift of reproduction, the benefits of risk avoidance, goal-setting, and wise decision making.

Are these co-ed classes? If so, why?
Yes, the RSVP classes are designed to be co-ed.  Again, because of the challenges our young people face, it is critical they receive the identical theme, so there can be no misunderstanding of what was heard.  Both sexes are going through challenging times.  The understanding, compassion, and respect they should have for each other as the changes occur cannot be overstated.

How long is the program?
The 5th grade program lasts 3-4 days, in approximately 45 minute sessions.  The 6, 7, 8, and 9th grade programs last 4-5 days with class times varying between 40 and 75 minutes, depending on the school schedule.

Do many parents exclude their son or daughter from the class?
If a family chooses to exclude their son or daughter from participating in the program, this is a decision that is always respected by the staff of the school and RSVP.

Can parents observe the classes?
Absolutely!  We ask only that you consult with the school first concerning schedule times.

Do you have evaluation results available for review?
Yes, they are available upon request.  The school administrators and teachers receive summarized results of student evaluations about a week after the program is over. The same evaluation results can be mailed to parents upon request by phoning our office (740-349-1808) or requesting via email (