Inspired….and grateful

Sometimes we have challenges. Mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc. Sometimes they last a few hours, sometimes those challenges last a lot longer. Often times those challenges overwhelm you with self doubt. This writer/educator is not the exception when it comes to facing those challenges. Self doubt seems to have become an unwelcome friend hanging on for dear life regardless of how hard I try to rid it from my mind. Does this programming matter? Has it ever made a difference? Is it time to walk away? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Adam Abraham. Adam is pictured with his soon to be bride and their precious “Brady bunch” of a family. Adam was able to kick my not so welcome friend, self doubt, to the curb in one short conversation. I have not seen Adam since he was an 8th grader in Granville Middle School…26 years ago. He spotted me at a wedding recently and immediately repeated Grady’s Rules; how can you tell your in love enough to get married. He did so, exactly as he learned them…26 years ago! He kept saying” powerful stuff!” ” I never forgot!” “You made a difference, thank you.” I don’t think Adam has a clue what his words truly did. I don’t think he knows our simple conversation, was not at all simple to me. His words touched my heart and my soul. His words left me inspired, profoundly grateful, and deeply blessed. Thank you Adam Abraham for affirming this writer/educator had made difference. #It‘sabouttheheartnottheparts. m.a.g.

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